Antti Auvinen


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Terra Null Prism Vitrine Kekäle

Preserve, to keep safe from harm or injury; protect or spare; to maintain throughout; to keep intact.

Preservation is to deem something so significant that it should be kept intact for later generations. Everything that is a good (or bad) or interesting example of it’s zeitgeist can arguably be worth saving. But by this logic we will eventually have to subject everything to preservation.

To preserve is to place something in a void. It will retain it’s shape but will inherently at the same time become passive. One example of active preservation is Venice. Venice is one of the most active historical monuments of human history. But it has also become a place where locals can rarely afford to live and do not like to visit because it is swarming with tourists. The town has become a theatre for a play about itself, passive in a way that locals do not recognize anymore.

Pyramiden is as interesting as it is for the exact reason that there is nothing and no one there. Bringing in new functions and activities will change everything that makes this place distinctive and enigmatic.

That is why we propose to leave Pyramiden as it is now. Abandoned, mystifying, melancholy. We want future visitors to be able to experience the environment in the same way as those few who have seen Pyramiden in it’s current state of desertion. We propose a glass pane to be lifted above the settlement. The translucent layer separates the growing tourist activity from the town itself, making it the ultimate preservational gesture.

This proposal is called Vitrine.