Antti Auvinen


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Terra Null Prism Vitrine Kekäle

Competition entry for Liberland design competition, 2016

Forget what you think you know about forming states or governments. Geographically bound citizenship is old fashioned. Physical allure and grandeur are old news from the old world. Pompous buildings and large promenades are just something to maintain, they don’t produce capital. The most powerful companies are not actually built around fancy storefronts and offices but around mute boxes called data centers.

To maximize freedom and profit, to minimize government and regulation, one must look away from the traditional, physical manifestation of the state. True libertarian freedom can exist only in a digital world. The frontier of complete liberty is being pushed by the Internet. Already in the very beginnings of the Internet, it was where the legendary Anarchist’s Cookbook was being distributed. Network neutrality and free movement of information is what keeps governments in check. Data is being produced at an uprecedented rate. 90% of all the data in the history of the world has been produced in the past few years. The entity in control of future data will arguably become the most powerful force in the world, whether that be a corporate or a governmental player.

By building the whole surface area of Liberland full of data centers, and cooling them with water from the Danube, the country will become the largest concentration of data in the world. In the modern economy speed is king. With processing power the size of a nation Liberland will stay ahead of all other data conglomerates.

No taxes will have to be collected since the data center will both govern and generate profit for the digital state’s upkeep. A sovereign business based on ever developing algorithms. This will produce a total leisure society for the buy-in citizens. A citizenship fee will be collected when joining the nation and the new citizen will thereby gain equity in the country now turned company. Citizens will not reside within Liberland, but will still gain rights granted by citizenship. The staff needed to run the data center will also be paid with citizenship status.

The dream of virtually nonexistent government can be achieved by autonomous algorithms. The computerized governing entity will always have the citizens’ best interest in mind. Votes can be taken instantly and decisions passed without bureaucracy, and the system is all the time learning from it’s citizens, becoming increasingly adept at making decisions reflecting the citizens’ values. Liberland should be run as the ultimate libertarian dream, a nation as a corporation, devoted to profit. It could become the capital of cloud processing, cryptocurrency mining and high frequency trading. In a digital state, possibilities for growth are not limited by physical borders or land mass. The digital society of Liberland is virtually infinite.

Exiting the controlled society of governments and regulations should be done to the extreme. The final exit is the exit from the physical. In the cloud you can be free. Soon there will come a time when you can upload your consciousness into the data center, to live forever, to live free, in the first digital nation with digital citizens.