Antti Auvinen

Hello, I'm Antti, an architect interested in meaning, experience and power structures in the built environment. I am also engaged with exhibition design and have worked on exhibitions for the Finnish National Museum, Museum of Finnish Architecture and Forum Marinum among others.

2024 Exhibition architecture for the permanent exhibit on agricultural machinery at the Finnish Museum of Agriculture, Sarka
2023 Pp. bookstore, design and construction of bookshop furniture
2023 AIKA OK. Grafia 90 years, exhibition design for Grafia
2023 Forest Architecture Residency at Nida Art Colony
2022 Luonnos, exhibition design for Grafia, Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland
2021 New Museum of Architecture & Design, exhibition design for Finnish Design Museum
2021 view, an audio-spatial installation in the spirit of Iannis Xenakis' Polytypes at Musica Nova festival Helsinki Festival in August 2021, as part of Seam and in collaboration with Antti Tolvi
2021 In Scale - The world of architectural models, exhibition at Museum of Finnish Architecture, as part of Seam
2020 New Colossi, photo essay in the Finnish Architectural Review
2019 Summary article of OOO booklet in Finnish Architectural Review, as part of Seam
2019 Object-oriented ontology (OOO) in architecture booklet, as part of Seam
2019 Renovation of Kosminen gallery space and bookshop.
2019 Private vs public space, article in Finnish Architectural Review, as part of Seam
2018 Paradox City Exhibition for Aalto University, as part of Seam
2018 Liminal Material Culture exhibition at Kosminen, as part of Seam
2018 Photos of Merihaka signage in S'lim #6
2018 Kaisa Library in Use @ Venice Biennale
2018 "Small gestures", review of Lorentzinpuisto housing by Playa Architects in Finnish Architectural Review
2017 Book fair booth for Aalto ARTS Books
2016 Liminal Material Culture in S’lim #3
2015 Book store for Aalto ARTS Books
2015 Kaisa Library in Use 15.4.–17.5.2015 at the Museum of Finnish Architecture
2012 Book fair booth for Aalto ARTS Books

Antti Auvinen

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Nida, 2023 Nida, 2023 Nida, 2023 Nida, 2023 Nida, 2023

I spent February-March in Nida, Lithuania, reading and writing, photographing and doing artistic research through woodworking. I also produced this photo essay zine while at the residency.

AIKA OK, 2023 AIKA OK, 2023 AIKA OK, 2023

Exhibition and hanging plan, assisting with implementation of each exhibitors' concepts.

view, 2021 view, 2021

Luonnos, 2022 Exhibition presenting artistic work from Grafia members.

Graphic design by Tomi Leppänen

view, 2021 view, 2021 Uusi museo, 2021

New Museum of Architecture & Design, 2021 Exhibition presenting snapshots from the history of both the Design Museum and the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the project for a new joint museum in Helsinki.

Graphic Design by Sanni Kariniemi.

view, 2021 view, 2021 view, 2021

view, 2021 was a sensory-blurring installation that leads the visitor to the edges of their capability of hearing and back again. Starting with the full hearing range, descending underground, soundwaves start to escape towards other spectrums.

In Scale - The world of architectural models, 2021 In Scale - The world of architectural
models, 2021

In Scale - The world of architectural models, 2021 featured skilfully built scale models of well-known architectural landmarks as well as of smaller architectural sites, built at different times. The scale models offer a glimpse into the work of architects and demonstrate their numerous uses. The scale models also stand as independent works, fascinating to study in their own right.

New Colossi, 2020

New Colossi, 2020 The Finnish Architectural Review asked me to consider two of Helsinki's newest megaprojects, the Redi and Tripla shopping centers and other such sites that could be considered new monuments in the city, in a photo essay.

Merihaka signage, 2018

Kosminen gallery & bookshop, 2019 Interior design and construction work for Kosminen, an artist-run non profit art space that's been running since 2016. A new bookshelf was needed for Khaos bookshop and the gallery's photobook archive. A new staircase and exhibition wall were also built. The components were designed and precut/CNC-milled for quick and easy assembly by non-skilled labor (the gallerist and yours truly) with basic tools.

Merihaka signage, 2018

Merihaka signage, 2018 I was asked to take photos of the new signage system of the Merihaka neighbourhood in Helsinki. In contrast to other neighbourhoods in Helsinki which use a standard signage system, the street signs in Merihaka are a custom design by architect Tuomas Toivonen who also lives and operates a public sauna in the neighbourhood. An interview with Tuomas is coming up in the new issue of S'lim

Liminal Material Culture, 2018

Liminal Material Culture, 2018 → A photography project documenting the old Helsinki harbor areas of Kalasatama, Verkkosaari and Kyläsaari in their liminal states while they await being turned into fresh new housing areas. Since the harbor closed down ten years ago, other things have moved in. Buildings have slowly been demolished or have burned down and new ones have been built. The area has served legal and illegal underground parties, a squatted social center, a community of fishers, an illegal sauna turned legal and on the other end the spectrum, the largest EDM festival in Finland.

Paradox City, 2018 Paradox City, 2018

Paradox City, 2018 Exhibition about the paradoxical histories of the Otaniemi campus area

Book fair booth, 2017

Book fair booth, 2017 Third project with Aalto ARTS Books publishing house. A simple new book fair booth with collapsible tables and some signage. Built by my brother Ville Auvinen.

Book store, 2015

Book store, 2015 Second project for Aalto ARTS Books publishing house. A bookstore for a few years before moving into the new main building in the Aalto Campus.

Aalto ARTS Books uses graphic design students from Aalto University to design high quality books with great variance, so the goal of this store was to have as many covers as possible visible at a quick glance. The big letter A from the fair booth is used in the store. Chairs for the reading table were sourced from leftover furniture in the building to save money and resources.

Kaisa Library in Use, 2015

Kaisa Library in Use, 2015 A small exhibition for the staircase of the Museum of Finnish architecture.

A continuation of a course dealing with presenting architecture in the exhibition medium. We made an exhibition focused on the user experience of the Kaisa library (by Anttinen Oiva Architects) that makes the building what it is. The exhibition consisted of five screens running five different time lapse movies from around the building, one screen showing an interview with the architects, and one screen showing user generated content from Instagram.

In collaboration with Marja Rautaharju, graphic design by Pauliina Nykänen.

The main video work of this exhibition was exhibited in the Finnish Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Biennale

Book fair booth, 2012

Book fair booth, 2012 A student competition in my second year lead to me designing a new fair booth for Aalto University's own publishing house, Aalto ARTS Books. The design is simple, even naivistic. Five letter-shaped bookshelves spell out "AALTO" in the official Aalto font and color scheme. On the side there are benches for reading which also act as storage for extra inventory. The benches can be stacked on top of each other to make a display table, and the shelves are on wheels so that a different configuration is possible every year or even every day.